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In the not too distant future, 90% of crime has become digital, and the oppressive ruling corporations have grown ever more powerful in controlling this space. In an attempt to circumvent facial recognition technology a program titled: 9125 is created that replaces all views of the user with 20th century historical art. An interested secret party has contacted you in an attempt to make this program available  to all for free, and so you must assemble a team to successfully deliver the package to all devices, pulling off the greatest hack of the century. However, privy to this plot, a corporation has used a high bounty to assemble a team to prevent your attempts...

One player is the resistance attempting to deliver the package (Via the Carrier) and the other player is the Corporations bounty hunter. each player has access to a range of different hackers and shady characters.

This game was created for the 1925 Jam. Each of the faces depicted in the art is from the Smithsonian museums portrait collection, and was painted in 1925. All of the artwork used is Creative Commons or Open License. 

Install instructions

Print the A4 pages, and cut each of the cards out (nine per page) I then recommend using a backing playing card and a sleeve to be able to shuffle them easily.


Nine One Two Five.pdf 21 MB

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