The girls at your highschool are secretly superheroes, but you have no idea!
Visual Novel
A group of Magical Girls are called by fate to grow up in a small town, to eventually save the world together!
A Medieval Fantasy Castle building micro game, where two players compete to create the greatest castle!
A cute origami animal set collecting card game
A social deduction haunted house game, where you haunt the great carter mansion!
Negotiate personnel into Contract so that only your company gets a benefit! Betray your friends on the rival company!
Tired of just rolling dice to land a hit with your staff? Instead have to answer a trivia question to land a crit!
Compete against your opponent in this lunar new year tableau builder!
A Zorklike eldritch game where you are stuck in a seemingly endless cavern maze trying to escape before you go insane...
Visual Novel
Hackers desperately try to upload a program to stop facial recognition, will you help them or stop them?
Compete against other marketing campaigns to secure influencers and go viral in this solitaire card game!
You are an adventurer who has too much loot! Will you be able to get rid of the junk, or be crushed under it's weight!
an Auctioneering and Bluffing Set Collecting game based around porcelain cat figurines!
Sick of playing Canasta? Here's a modern take on classic 52's!
An abstract strategy game where two animals compete for resources!
Be the first to discover ancient alien contact with humans through historical art!
Be the first bird to collect the shiny dice for your nest!
Build a garden together filled with cute critters and gorgeous flowers to score the most points!
A Cthulhean Social Deduction game